Break Time …Extended

For those that don’t know, which I am realizing is probably everybody, I took a summer long break from Country Lass. Though, it wasn’t a complete break, since I have added details, or ideas to it for when I finally picked it back up. No prose, just notes.

Well… I am extending that break. I won’t work on it through the next school semester either. And I will be more strict on the note taking as well. And, I am adding all fanfiction to the list as well.

The reason is I want to work on my novel solely. I will have fiction for class, but that doesn’t count. I want my free time to be spent creating my publishable story.

And I feel like fanfiction has been a crutch lately. It was a good introduction to writing, but now I need to focus on my own writing as opposed to adding to someone else’s.

I really don’t want to just drop my Country Lass characters completely, though. I love these characters and worked on them for so long. Who knows what I’ll do with them. Maybe I’ll make them an original story? Maybe I’ll post it on Wattpad instead of We’ll see.

But, I am aiming towards not writing Country Lass as a Marvel fanfiction anymore. Still hesitant, but after four months of not working on it, it seems more possible than I thought before.

And I really really really want to add more to this blog, specifically about my novel. But I don’t know how to do that. I feel like I need a structure, what to talk about and such. So, I’ll think about that and get back to it.

For now, God bless you,

~Created to Write

Paint to Canvas

The past weeks (or months) I have had an outlook on my life, mostly to do with my novel.

I have had the privilege to bring what’s on my heart to God yesterday. And earlier today I talked to a close friend of mine about it as well.

I’ve told myself that God helping me as a partner. We are working on the novel together. But the past weeks, the progress is at a standstill. I realize that I’ve only worked on it when I felt God telling me about a part of the story. I don’t sit down and start writing, I wait until he tells me to.

Which… isn’t often. Or I’m just not hearing him because of all the other things around me.

I had the mindset that God created Atniuq, the novel setting, and I am simply discovering the world.

But I got it all wrong.

God didn’t create Atniuq, I am. That doesn’t mean I can do it without God, though. I need Him. But…

Here’s an analogy:

There’s a student that walks up to a blank canvas and paints. All the tools are there. The student picks up the brush and dips it into a paint. The student puts the paint to the canvas, a beautiful landscape in their head.

But slowly, they see that they have no idea what they are doing.

But the teacher walks over. They put the brush down and go to a new canvas. The teacher shows the student different strokes they can us. They explain and demonstrate how to blend two colors, and how to shade. The student listens, practicing themselves on other canvases. When they have a better understanding of the techniques, they take out a new canvas and start.

They go through the steps they’ve learned. The teacher watches, sometimes asking why they chose a color, or what the student is creating. The teacher isn’t judging the art, but making sure the student understands what they are doing. The teacher shows the student how they can use a mistake to add to the picture, instead of tossing it away. The teacher doesn’t hold the students hand, or give the student a picture to recreate. The student makes their own picture.

But the student couldn’t create the picture without the guidance of the teacher.

That’s how this is. I’m not saying that I can write my novel without God. I’m saying that God did not give me my creativity and imagination for Him to hold my hand through the revision process.

He gave me the tools. He allowed me to gain knowledge of spelling, grammar, story structure, etc. I don’t even think about those things consciously anymore. They are like knowing the basic colors and brush sizes. It’s second nature.

God gave me my creativity to think of the idea. He also gave me references, the world and people around me, as insight, not to copy, but to inspire.

I’ve been scared that what I write won’t be perfect. But I should know that it won’t. It used to line up, but now that needs to change. So I’m just… I need to know that God will help me, not do it for me.

I shouldn’t be afraid of mistakes. Because you never know what they can lead to.

God put a verse on my heart:
“Walk by faith, not by sight” ~2 Corinthians 5:7

I feel like I’m at a standstill right now. I have a canvas with some paint on it, but I’m not sure what to do with it.
But I just need to sit down, pick up the brush, even for a little each week, and get something added. It could be crap, it could end up in the final draft.
Either way, it’s progress. And God will be there every step of the way.
…Just not the way I thought before.

God Bless,

Created to Write

Choice Snowflake- Step 4

Hey! We’re at the next part!!

By this point, there’s a good idea of what the story is going to be.
And it’s also going to be much longer, so I don’t think I’ll be writing this out here.

But! I’ll explain it a little. And if anything I write down is confusing, go here.

So, step 4 is simple, and still difficult. What you do is take the paragraph from Step 2 and make each sentence its own paragraph. So, you’ll end up with about a page.
You use the characters from Step 3 in this as well, to add more depth in the plot/story.

That’s… basically it. I’d put more, but one, I didn’t create this snowflake method, and two, the page of stuff for my story will be really long.

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll put the page, or at least part of it, in a new post later.
…But I have to write it first.

Now, I have a question, has anyone reading these used this method before? Is anyone following along now?
And does anybody want to?

I’d love to hear feedback. So, head down to the comments and leave me one, ‘kay?

~Created to Write

Choice Snowflake- Step 3 (Author’s Note)

Hey everyone! I’m so sorry it’s been a while since I posted.

But writing a novel is hard.

I went through the characters I was going to work on for Step 3, but then I realized something: They aren’t main characters.

So we’ll get to them later! Okay?

So, this is just a short little snippet to tell you that, and to be patient as I get to Step 4.
Later. I’m tired.

Merry Christmas!


Choice Snowflake-Step 3 (Glo, Aerio, Gaela)

I am sooo sorry this post is late! But procrastination is very jealous of my time, and writer’s block isn’t helping me ward it off.

But! I finally got three more characters done.

Character Name: Glo of Telen
Sentence Summary: Takes care of Bryn when she’s little until her charge leaves for Ceania.
Motivation (abstract): Peace, quiet, etc?
Goal (concrete): move to Telen, help raise a nice young lady without the celebrities and bustle of the big city, etc?
Conflict: Bryn doesn’t want to be a lady, but a warrior(?), life isn’t as slow as she thought it would be?
Epiphany: she can’t mold Bryn into what she wishes, but can only help her be what she is supposed to be, Bryn is never not going to be headstrong.
Paragraph: Glo came to Telen from the Peycury. She looks for work at the hatcheries, meeting Oriana when she visits. She gets a job as Bryn’s caretaker when she hatches. She stays with Bryn when she goes to her family’s nests. She carries Bryn when they are in a flight only area. When Bryn starts lessons, she can see Bryn isn’t happy. Bryn is set to leave, and she tries to stop her, but knows she will only hinder her young charge, never fully stop her.

So, Glo. She is a character in the first draft, but she wasn’t really a main character before. I needed to know what she wanted. Not everything revolves around Bryn.

Character Name: Aerio of Telen
Sentence Summary: Skylarked with Gaela and raises Skye as he continues his fletching business.
Motivation (abstract): living
Goal (concrete): Keep food on the table, give his daughter what she needs to succeed
Conflict: Skye skylarks with a rich stranger, moving to a different tree
Epiphany: Skye always has someone watching her, making sure she is cared for
Paragraph: He has lived in Telen his whole life, meeting Gaela and skylarking with her. They have a daughter, who grows up. He works at his arrow shop as a fletcher, hoping to save all extra money for Skye to get into a good school. But instead, she wants to be a weaver, not trying to move up in the world. Her father accepts that, but the money he saved isn’t enough for even that. Skye gets lessons from Oriana, and meets someone from another tree. She leaves with him and Aerio is sad he can’t take care of his little girl anymore.

Aerio was in the first draft too, but only once. And he was nobility then. He and his family are not on the same social standing as Bryn’s family. But they meet because Bryn and Skye were in the same hatchery. Maybe.

Character Name: Gaela of Telen
Sentence Summary: Skylarked with Aerio and raises Skye as she works at a hatchery.
Motivation (abstract): Safety?
Goal (concrete): for Skye to find a good aveon man to skylark
Conflict: Skye is more focused on weaving, Skye chooses someone that she barely knows
Epiphany: Skye has her interests and finds them in times of strife
Paragraph:  She has lived in Telen her whole life, meeting Aerio and skylarking with him. They have a daughter. She works at the hatchery where her daughter hatches at. When Skye gets older, her mother wants her to find someone that can take care of her when she’s an adult. Skye understands her mother’s dream, but focuses more on being a weaver. Her mother accepts that, but still keeps an eye out and gives little hints. Skye gets lessons from Oriana, and meets someone from another tree. She leaves with him and Gaela isn’t sure he was the best choice.

Last character today, Gaela. Also in the first draft, but being Aerio’s wife, she’s also demoted in the second draft. But it works better. It’s relieving knowing what they are like.

So, I’ll work on three more characters and get them up on Tuesday.
Procrastination won’t take all December from me.

Prayers are appreciated,

~Created to Write

(…Yeah, I think I’ll just put a different ending tag each time. I don’t really know….)

Choice Snowflake- Step 3 (Oriana and Skye)

Hey! I’m back for another bit of the snowflake method. This time, I have two main characters to work through. I was going to do three, but I didn’t get to her.

First is Oriana, the protagonist’s mother.

  1. Character Name: Oriana of Telen
  2. Sentence Summary: Raises Bryn to be a lady, and to choose a safe profession.
  3. Motivation (abstract): Safety, for Bryn
  4. Goal (concrete): Bring up a well distinguished young lady to fit into society
  5. Conflict: Bryn does not want to be in a safe profession, arguing at every turn
  6. Epiphany: She can’t force Bryn to be in her image, Bryn is her own person, and she has no choice over who she becomes.
  7. Paragraph: She skylarked with Zephyr and gave birth to a allure girl. She raises her, along with Glo, to be a polite young lady. She teaches her and her friend, Skye, weaving, as well as other lady-like activities. She grows frustrated when her daughter acts out, first at the beginning of her lessons, and the second before she becomes an adult. She disowns Bryn when she leaves and returns to Telen. When Bryn returns with new wings, she’s doesn’t know what to think, other than she was wrong to keep Bryn from her destiny.

So… I think there still has to be some changes to her. She wasn’t really a main character in the first draft. But, it makes sense, since she’s around Bryn, raising her. She has to be important.

Next up, is Bryn’s close friend, Skye!

  1. Character Name: Skye of Telen
  2. Sentence Summary: Meets Bryn at a festival(?) and is invited to the lady’s estate many times, skylarks with a warrior/lord from a different city/outpost, only to see her friend later after her transformation.
  3. Motivation (abstract): wealth, stability
  4. Goal (concrete): be an accomplished weaver
  5. Conflict: she doesn’t have enough money to learn the craft
  6. Epiphany: She marries a rich warrior that finds her beautiful, promising that she can weave to her hearts content
  7. Paragraph: Born in Telen to Areio and Gaela, Skye was of middle class. As she grew older, she met Bryn, and developed a love for tapestries and rug work. She learned from Bryn’s mother because she didn’t have money for actual lessons. When her skills were adequate, she started business in her father’s fletching shop. But after meeting a rich and handsome visiting aveon, she skylarks with him to a new tree, with a promise. But when she gets there, she learns she is nothing more than a trophy wife, and finds peace in her craft. She does not see her friend until she comes bearing news of Eldir, and freedom. 

Skye’s paragraph was mostly new. I didn’t have much of her either. And despite being Bryn’s best friend, I just briefly mentioned how she was no longer in Telen. She didn’t even get a farewell scene! *huffs* I like that character, how could I do that?
…Well, revision, right?

So, that’s all I have for now. Keep in touch around Thursday or Friday for the next update.

We’re all created,
but I’m~

~Created to Write

(…Did I seriously just write that? So cheesy…)

Choice Snowflake- Step 3 (Jared and Kerue)

Since I have to do this for every main character (and there are more than I thought originally) I figured I should probably post on more than one day a week.

So, here’s the next two characters. For those confused, this will clear up what I’m doing.
Character #2…

  1. Name: Jared of Telen
  2. Sentence: Grows up in a military family, nudged to be friends with Bryn, expected to be a warrior and trains to do so, joins training under Zephyr, only to leave and join a skein of his own and help Bryn later in life.
  3. Motivation: Love, duty, desire to please his father, etc?
  4. Goal: woo Bryn, make Avanee a safer place?, etc?
  5. Conflict: Doesn’t like conflict, Bryn doesn’t feel ready for a relationship, etc?
  6. Epiphany: Eldir asks us to impossible tasks/Bryn does love him/the only way for a safer Avanee is to put his trust in Eldir’s guidance.
  7. Paragraph: Born in Telen to a father of high ranking, Jared was destined to be just like his father. He had high expectations placed on his shoulders. He learned along with other children in the rich part of Telen. He made friends, and was set up on play dates with others. One of those was Bryn, whom he developed a close bond. When he was old enough to start training, he wasn’t alone, but he felt a large weight still on his shoulders and wings. He trained diligently, learning to fly as well as fight. He was kept from his friends outside of training, except for when Bryn visited. He was given a training position at Zephyr’s estate, under one of the skeins command with others. He eventually leaves when his request for his own skein is accepted, only in a different tree. He and his new skein’s first mission is to retrieve Bryn, who ran away. After that, he sees her again. After many missions, he meets her again, completely changed and holding the story of their Creator.

I need to do some serious work on Jared’s character. But this is what I have right now.
He isn’t too cliche, is he?

And here’s Main Character #3…

  1. Name: Kerue of Blalu
  2. Sentence: He leaves his home, becomes a slave, escapes with Bryn, tries to adjust to home, and finally learns of Eldir and his purpose.
  3. Motivation: freedom?, love?, etc?
  4. Goal: Returning to Blalu, woo Bryn?, etc?
  5. Conflict: he’s a slave, Bryn is an aveon, Clarity likes him?, no one will listen to him?, etc?
  6. Epiphany: He really loves Clarity, not Bryn/Eldir uses our mistakes and wayward moments to bring us to our purpose/he’s the father of an important person (thinks it’s the prophesied, even though he isn’t.)
  7. Paragraph: He lives with his family a few cycles, but due to believing he doesn’t belong, he runs away. He’s captured by aveons, who sell him into slavery. He’s passed from master to master, until he ends up at Bryn’s home. When he’s independent (an adult), Bryn helps him escape with another nekto. The three head to Ceania, and he has to readjust. He learns about the discrimination there against what he thought he was. He has to leave with Bryn to fix her wings, meets an aveon and a nekto who teach him about his Creator. He helps Bryn bring peace, meets Eldir himself, and ends up with Clarity.

Kerue is also a character I’m having trouble with. The story will be so-so the same as before, but I won’t have any scenes from his point of view.

Also, what I’ve noticed, is that for these character things, I’ve been putting their whole story, not just the part in Book 1. …So, I don’t think that is what the snowflake method means when it describes that, but that’s what I’m doing. These span the first 2 (3?) books of the series.
Yes, there are a lot coming. But I have to get this done first.

And that’s it for today. For those done with finals, YAY! We did it!

Until next time!

Created to Write
(P.S. I feel like I should change the end of my posts; the “Until next time” part. I’ll think on that.)