Break Time …Extended

For those that don’t know, which I am realizing is probably everybody, I took a summer long break from Country Lass. Though, it wasn’t a complete break, since I have added details, or ideas to it for when I finally picked it back up. No prose, just notes.

Well… I am extending that break. I won’t work on it through the next school semester either. And I will be more strict on the note taking as well. And, I am adding all fanfiction to the list as well.

The reason is I want to work on my novel solely. I will have fiction for class, but that doesn’t count. I want my free time to be spent creating my publishable story.

And I feel like fanfiction has been a crutch lately. It was a good introduction to writing, but now I need to focus on my own writing as opposed to adding to someone else’s.

I really don’t want to just drop my Country Lass characters completely, though. I love these characters and worked on them for so long. Who knows what I’ll do with them. Maybe I’ll make them an original story? Maybe I’ll post it on Wattpad instead of We’ll see.

But, I am aiming towards not writing Country Lass as a Marvel fanfiction anymore. Still hesitant, but after four months of not working on it, it seems more possible than I thought before.

And I really really really want to add more to this blog, specifically about my novel. But I don’t know how to do that. I feel like I need a structure, what to talk about and such. So, I’ll think about that and get back to it.

For now, God bless you,

~Created to Write

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