Red Hood Fan Series: Episode 1 Review

Official first post of the Red Hood Fan Series Review!

Spoilers ahead, as I will be stating some things that happened, and also why I love it.

Brief note: I did not know I could put videos in my blog post. But… I do not know if I am allowed to put it on here. So! If anyone sees this again, I changed it. Here is the episode link.

And for my thoughts…
New Costumes:

I want to get this out of the way before I get to plot stuff. I LOVE this Red Hood uniform! It’s like he stepped right out of the Red Hood and the Outlaws Rebirth comics.

His voice is also given a different sound when he has the mask on. This is good for intimidation, hiding his identity, and the dramatic-ness Jason is low-key known for (I mean, come on, he wears a mask under mask, Nightwing is not the most dramatic of the Robins).

For some reason, I always thought Jason had a heavy leather jacket. But the one used here makes more sense. It’s easier for him to move.

And the introduction to it as a whole was so satisfying to see. The hints during the beginning, a mask tease as the bad guys show up, then the pan up full reveal ending at his helmet seconds before he’s in action. I was grinning.

As for the rest of the costumes, the three civilians looked their correct parts, so I don’t have too much to add to that. I could tell what their role was right away.

And the ‘Red Hood gang’ were aptly named. They were very scary in their lab coats and bright red heads. I was at first a bit scared that they were working with Red Hood, but maybe that’s what the villains were trying to go for. Why call yourselves ‘the Red Hood Gang’ when you know there is a good(ish) guy in the same city using that name? I think it’s a good idea, if it’s explained later.

One thing people need to keep in mind is that within the story, the characters pick what they wear. So, when making the costumes, there need to be reasons for different pieces, just like names. That said these characters didn’t put too much thought into their garb, which makes sense. They don’t need to have a lot to strike fear. This series does that well.


Right at the start, it’s clear that Batman won’t be in this series, at least not for a long time. The exposition given through an interview was, in my opinion, a very good idea. It sets the tone, also giving perspectives of characters not seen in the main story. We have a political figure and a news interviewer. And while one is arrogant and the other is concerned, they both sound somewhat detached from the situation, and that’s brilliant. It’s not overly tense, yet the lack of tension in their words adds the right amount of weight to the scene.

And the transition from the exposition to the street was fluid, and showing Jason arming himself without even showing his mask gives an impression of what the public possibly feels about vigilantes in general, as civilians are currently on screen.

When the camera focuses on the street scene, we still don’t see Jason’s face, just a mask under his hoodie for a split second (which I almost missed the first time watching). But we see a new part of him. Not many Red Hood stories show him helping needy people, though that is exactly what he does. He’s been in their place before. And we see the relationship between the two as the man is willing to help him with information, and isn’t scared of him.

Fight scene:

I love fight scenes. Especially when they hold my attention. But what I can’t do is talk about fight scenes in detail. Because… I don’t know a thing about fighting. One thing that I can say is the fight seemed a little slow. I had to bump up the speed on the video to get a more realistic looking Red Hood fight going. But, I’ve seen the most recent episode, and I can safely say they are improving. It also picked up in speed once he was at the one on one with the seeming leader of the small team of henchmen.

Also, I love the portrayal of Jason in this scene. He uses quips, talks to himself aloud (“smaller smoke bombs”), and taunts his opponents. From little things he says, you can get bits of his story without needing to go into a full flashback. “Don’t talk to me about clowns,” is a perfect example of this. And my all time favorite quote during this is at the end: “Your first mistake was thinking you could beat me. You second, was trying.”

Jason is the heavy hitter of the Robins. He’s fast, he hits hard, doesn’t give up, and is not afraid to kill. That is shown to the letter during this. A fight scene is one of my favorite ways of introducing Jason.


Once again, it shows the relationship between Jason and Craig the homeless guy. Although why Craig didn’t tell Jason about what happened is a bit confusing, but maybe he didn’t think it was important. Character decisions, they don’t always choose what’s best.

I was a bit iffy on the last bit. I understood the reason they had the scene, but I felt it went a little long. It also leaves me questioning if Jason knows what happened, or if that guy will show up later on the news, or something.

But yes, it confirms what the antagonists in the episode were after, and how the homeless people are dying, unlike what the political figure said at the beginning.

And that’s the first episode! Again, I’m not a professional movie reviewer, but this is just my take on it. I highly recommend this series. Ian Lang, Tim Kou, and all others involved, keep up the amazing work!

Next week (or later this week), I’ll do the second episode of Red Hood Fan Series.

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