[Fictional] Birthday Party!

Hey everyone! I’m going to make this short, since I need to head to bed in like, oh, fifteen minutes max.

Today, December 15, 2018, is Heather Morse’s birthday! She’s seventeen.

Yes… I know. I don’t talk much about her story. But I wanted to put that out there, because this is pretty important to me.

This date actually has a scene in my current installation of her story, ‘Promises’ (previously called ‘The Promise’).

It isn’t up anywhere, as I will be actively posting chapters as of next year.

And, also, yes, I gave my characters birthdays. This is to help me keep up with their ages through the story.

It’s been a year within CL since Heather started any sort of training from Steve Rogers. And, so much has happened since. I’m excited to work on writing her next year, as it will be a year of growth, as the last year was one of discovery, and a bit of brokenness.

Well, that’s all I have time for now.

God Bless,

Created to Write

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