I have a class in thirty minutes, a homework assignment due the next day, and I have no time today for my novel.

But I stop, sit down, and close my eyes, “Lord-”

“My child.”

I look up and I have been transported to a different plane. I am in a large, decorated room around me, bathed in light. Pillars line the walls and the whole room is peaceful. I look down. I feel the peace through every part of me, which is now clothed in a beautiful dress made of the purest silk.

“My precious daughter,” a voice says gently.

I turn around slowly. The light radiates from a figure on a large chair at the far wall, atop the short steps that starts at my feet. And not just any figure…

I fall to a knee, out of awe and reverence. Here, before me, is the God of the Heavens. I am not worthy to look at even his feet. I keep my eyes on the silk pooling around me, basking in being this close to his light.

A soft chuckle emits from before me, ringing like a thousand deep bells. I feel a hand on my head. I can feel the power it holds, but its touch is gentle, loving. I am drawn to lift my head.

He’s smiling at me, “Come, daughter, sit with me. It has been some time since you talked with me.”

I take his offered hands, and he gently helps me stand. I walk next to him to the throne. He sits, and like a little child, he lifts me up to sit across his lap. He holds one of my hands in his.

“What is on your mind?” He asks.

I sigh, leaning my head on his shoulder, “I need peace, Father.”

“You have my peace with you where ever you go,” he answers, “but, you do need this moment. Just sit with me before you go to class.”


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