Before the Beginning

You wanna know what I think God has? I think he has a library. A big library that’s full of rich adornments and shelves so long and high you can’t see the end. And every book is thick and leather bound, with the title on the spine. All hand written.

And every title, is a name. Every book is the story of a single person that has lived on Earth. From Adam, to the future generations.

You have a book in God’s library. It was there before he created the world.

It starts at your birth, and describes in detail everything in your life. Your thoughts, actions, events that shaped you. There’s a bookmark in the pages for the moment you start following Him, or when you first heard about Him if you don’t yet believe. There’s a section in the back showing all the people you meet, and where in your book they are found, and where to find their story. And your name is in their books. You could be on every page, or a footnote of a stranger passing them once in life.

I bet He looks at the library of names and stories and decided, yes, it’s all worth it.

Break Time …Extended

For those that don’t know, which I am realizing is probably everybody, I took a summer long break from Country Lass. Though, it wasn’t a complete break, since I have added details, or ideas to it for when I finally picked it back up. No prose, just notes.

Well… I am extending that break. I won’t work on it through the next school semester either. And I will be more strict on the note taking as well. And, I am adding all fanfiction to the list as well.

The reason is I want to work on my novel solely. I will have fiction for class, but that doesn’t count. I want my free time to be spent creating my publishable story.

And I feel like fanfiction has been a crutch lately. It was a good introduction to writing, but now I need to focus on my own writing as opposed to adding to someone else’s.

I really don’t want to just drop my Country Lass characters completely, though. I love these characters and worked on them for so long. Who knows what I’ll do with them. Maybe I’ll make them an original story? Maybe I’ll post it on Wattpad instead of We’ll see.

But, I am aiming towards not writing Country Lass as a Marvel fanfiction anymore. Still hesitant, but after four months of not working on it, it seems more possible than I thought before.

And I really really really want to add more to this blog, specifically about my novel. But I don’t know how to do that. I feel like I need a structure, what to talk about and such. So, I’ll think about that and get back to it.

For now, God bless you,

~Created to Write

If You’re Going Through a Writer’s Block

This is a parody sung to the tune of “If You’re Going Through Hell” by Rodney Atkins.
I actually wrote this a long time ago, but I wanted to share it so, here we are.

If You’re Going Through a Writer’s Block

Well you know those times when you feel like
There’s this big block in your path
It says, ‘I dare you to kick me, you’ll barely make a scratch’
Things go from bad to worse
You think it can’t get worse than that
And then they do

You pick up that pen or pencil
And you don’t know what to write
Looking through all your notes, to break through the moun-tain-ous block
Listening to the song that you’d chosen for this part
And it makes you cry
That’s when you learn the truth

If you’re goin’ through a writer’s block, keep on going
Don’t slow down if you’re scared don’t show it
You will get out because you know that it’s not gonna la~st!

I’ve been deep down in that darkness
I’ve been down to my last pen
Felt a hundred different mistakes breathin’ fire in my head
And I know that if I give in I would never get this done
So I don’t

But the good news is there’s writers everywhere out in this world
Offering a chance, to help get the story done
The one’s that you’ve been draggin’ for so long
Your mind is jumbled, you can’t do anything
Guess what I’m sayin’

If you’re goin’ through a writer’s block, keep on going
Don’t slow down if you’re scared don’t show it
You will get out because you know that it’s not gonna la~st!
When you’re goin’ through a writer’s block, keep on movin’
Face that page and start to fill it
You will get out because you know that it’s not gonna la~st!

If you’re goin’ through a writer’s block, keep on going
Don’t slow down if you’re scared don’t show it
You will get out because you know that it’s not gonna la~st!
When you’re goin’ through a writer’s block, keep on movin’
Face that page and start to fill it
You will get out because you know that it’s not gonna la~st!
You will get out because you know that it’s not gonna la~st!

A Strengthening

For the past couple months, I haven’t written a single word for my novel, Not My Path. Not one word. I went from writing pages every weekday morning, crossing into the new year, and then after a week of picking it up again, I stopped. I came to a seemingly harmless scene of introducing three new characters, and I couldn’t muster the words to properly do so.

So I didn’t touch the notebook. Or, I did, but it was only to open to the page, stare for a minute, then sigh and put it back.

But it didn’t stay on my desk, or on a shelf. No. I carried that thick black notebook with the outline crammed in the front with me, wherever I took my backpack. It sat behind my computer, along with the folder with any written story notes. With the notebook, folder, and computer, everything I needed to write the next scene was touching.

And I let months pass by.

I understood the problem. What I wanted was to make the next scene perfect. I wanted to portray the characters as they need to. I didn’t want to mess up so badly, that I didn’t even try to write anything else for that project.

And I wasn’t just scared that my writing wouldn’t be perfect. I was scared of the words that I said to people. I don’t speak that often, because I am careful about what I say. I make sure I know exactly what I will say, and it still sounds wrong when I finally open my mouth. I feel so clumsy with speaking to others that I limit myself to when I’m sure of what I am talking about. But, that also limits my interactions with people, and how I can impact other people’s lives.

I’ve felt like there is a person people see me as, and to show them the parts of me that are flawed and rough around the edges will make them see me differently. Yet I know that my friends see me and acknowledge me. I hear them encourage me, and I know that I am known, yet I still feel like an outsider, and that there is this barrier between me and the world. I haven’t noticed any habits to change who I am to fit what I think are people’s perspectives of me, but I do know I build walls around the parts of me I don’t want people to see.

I went to the Carry the Love event that was hosted at my college campus yesterday. I felt moved to rededicate my life to my Savior, Jesus Christ. And then today, I went to the women focused Brave Love meet they also hosted. And there, I was allowed a space to voice something that has a hold on me, and I was given permission to repent of it and reach for my Savior and His great forgiveness.

I’ll admit, I don’t feel fully free from my perfectionism. But I know this evening changed me. I know that God did something tonight that will stick with me and won’t let me go.

How do I know this?

After that discussion, and after laying my fear at God’s feet while in the presence of my sisters in Christ, do you want to know what happened?

I wrote half a page for my novel.

We then all were called to worship as a group. The group of guys also joined us. As I was standing there, singing, I heard God tell me to sit down and take my notebook out again. He wanted me to worship him through working on a project He’s told me time and time again that He wants me to finish.

And at the end o the night, I wrote of total of TWO PAGES for my novel!

God did that! I couldn’t have ever picked up the story and continued it without Him.

Without Him, I would have been too scared of making mistakes that I wouldn’t have even started the story to begin with.

I am still scared out of my mind about speaking the wrong thing. But God gives me permission to make mistakes. Because He will be there to pick me up when I stumble. He will give me words when I feel at a loss for them. And He loves me, even though I am far from perfect.

I needed that in my life. Not just because I am once again able to work on a project He’s called me to, but because I feel inspired and strengthened to talk about my experiences with my friends that don’t know Christ. I don’t feel fearless, but that’s not the point.

The point is to trust God with what He’s given me, and that He is right by my side for all of it.


About That Review Series…

Right off the bat, I’d like to say this is something I struggle with. I think of a project that would be awesome, I start the project with a lot of excitement, then I realize that I don’t have the time or the experience to actually finish it.

So… As awesome as the Red Hood Fan Series Review Series could be, I am not the correct person to write it. I do not have the experience with movies, other than watching them. That’s not enough.

So… after one episode’s worth of content, I am putting this project in the unfinished-and-probably-always-will-be bin.

I still recommend watching this show. Just because I can’t write a review on it doesn’t mean it isn’t good.

But! I am taking this moment to help them. The Red Hood Fan Series has a Kickstarter to raise money for the second season. If you donate at least $5, you will be eligible to win more prizes than what you get from Kickstarter. And a minimum of $1 gets your name in the credits of every Season 2 episode!

They have about 10ish more days before their Kickstarter ends, and they need a total of $15,000. It would be amazing if you could pitch in and help!


Red Hood Fan Series: Episode 1 Review

Official first post of the Red Hood Fan Series Review!

Spoilers ahead, as I will be stating some things that happened, and also why I love it.

Brief note: I did not know I could put videos in my blog post. But… I do not know if I am allowed to put it on here. So! If anyone sees this again, I changed it. Here is the episode link.

And for my thoughts…
New Costumes:

I want to get this out of the way before I get to plot stuff. I LOVE this Red Hood uniform! It’s like he stepped right out of the Red Hood and the Outlaws Rebirth comics.

His voice is also given a different sound when he has the mask on. This is good for intimidation, hiding his identity, and the dramatic-ness Jason is low-key known for (I mean, come on, he wears a mask under mask, Nightwing is not the most dramatic of the Robins).

For some reason, I always thought Jason had a heavy leather jacket. But the one used here makes more sense. It’s easier for him to move.

And the introduction to it as a whole was so satisfying to see. The hints during the beginning, a mask tease as the bad guys show up, then the pan up full reveal ending at his helmet seconds before he’s in action. I was grinning.

As for the rest of the costumes, the three civilians looked their correct parts, so I don’t have too much to add to that. I could tell what their role was right away.

And the ‘Red Hood gang’ were aptly named. They were very scary in their lab coats and bright red heads. I was at first a bit scared that they were working with Red Hood, but maybe that’s what the villains were trying to go for. Why call yourselves ‘the Red Hood Gang’ when you know there is a good(ish) guy in the same city using that name? I think it’s a good idea, if it’s explained later.

One thing people need to keep in mind is that within the story, the characters pick what they wear. So, when making the costumes, there need to be reasons for different pieces, just like names. That said these characters didn’t put too much thought into their garb, which makes sense. They don’t need to have a lot to strike fear. This series does that well.


Right at the start, it’s clear that Batman won’t be in this series, at least not for a long time. The exposition given through an interview was, in my opinion, a very good idea. It sets the tone, also giving perspectives of characters not seen in the main story. We have a political figure and a news interviewer. And while one is arrogant and the other is concerned, they both sound somewhat detached from the situation, and that’s brilliant. It’s not overly tense, yet the lack of tension in their words adds the right amount of weight to the scene.

And the transition from the exposition to the street was fluid, and showing Jason arming himself without even showing his mask gives an impression of what the public possibly feels about vigilantes in general, as civilians are currently on screen.

When the camera focuses on the street scene, we still don’t see Jason’s face, just a mask under his hoodie for a split second (which I almost missed the first time watching). But we see a new part of him. Not many Red Hood stories show him helping needy people, though that is exactly what he does. He’s been in their place before. And we see the relationship between the two as the man is willing to help him with information, and isn’t scared of him.

Fight scene:

I love fight scenes. Especially when they hold my attention. But what I can’t do is talk about fight scenes in detail. Because… I don’t know a thing about fighting. One thing that I can say is the fight seemed a little slow. I had to bump up the speed on the video to get a more realistic looking Red Hood fight going. But, I’ve seen the most recent episode, and I can safely say they are improving. It also picked up in speed once he was at the one on one with the seeming leader of the small team of henchmen.

Also, I love the portrayal of Jason in this scene. He uses quips, talks to himself aloud (“smaller smoke bombs”), and taunts his opponents. From little things he says, you can get bits of his story without needing to go into a full flashback. “Don’t talk to me about clowns,” is a perfect example of this. And my all time favorite quote during this is at the end: “Your first mistake was thinking you could beat me. You second, was trying.”

Jason is the heavy hitter of the Robins. He’s fast, he hits hard, doesn’t give up, and is not afraid to kill. That is shown to the letter during this. A fight scene is one of my favorite ways of introducing Jason.


Once again, it shows the relationship between Jason and Craig the homeless guy. Although why Craig didn’t tell Jason about what happened is a bit confusing, but maybe he didn’t think it was important. Character decisions, they don’t always choose what’s best.

I was a bit iffy on the last bit. I understood the reason they had the scene, but I felt it went a little long. It also leaves me questioning if Jason knows what happened, or if that guy will show up later on the news, or something.

But yes, it confirms what the antagonists in the episode were after, and how the homeless people are dying, unlike what the political figure said at the beginning.

And that’s the first episode! Again, I’m not a professional movie reviewer, but this is just my take on it. I highly recommend this series. Ian Lang, Tim Kou, and all others involved, keep up the amazing work!

Next week (or later this week), I’ll do the second episode of Red Hood Fan Series.

~Created to Write

Red Hood Fan Series Review… Series

Hey everyone!

I’ve decided on a new series of posts to do. There’s a fan-made tv show on YouTube that I’ve been watching, called the Red Hood Fan Series. They only have three episodes so far, but those few episodes are of amazing quality. They even have shorter episodes sprinkled in with Red Hood and Robin doing various ‘slice of life’ stuff.

I decided (and got permission) to write a blog post per episode, showing what I loved (and few things I thought could use some work) from this series. I highly suggest you go watch this show on YouTube if you like anything Bat-family.

Be warned though. I am in no way an expert on DC comics, and such. This is from my limited knowledge (though I have read through some comics, like both RHATO, when Dick was in Spyral, and the Red Robin one from 2009.)

Through these posts, there will be spoilers. So I’ll leave the link of the episode in discussion at the top of each post, but as for this one, the links are to both their Facebook page and to their YouTube channel where you can watch the episodes.

Hope you enjoy it. I know I currently am.
For anyone working on this awesome project that see this, keep up the great work and I can’t wait to watch Episode 4, as well as any ‘Red Hood and Robin show’ mini-sodes that get done along the way.

God Bless you,
Created to Write

[Fictional] Birthday Party!

Hey everyone! I’m going to make this short, since I need to head to bed in like, oh, fifteen minutes max.

Today, December 15, 2018, is Heather Morse’s birthday! She’s seventeen.

Yes… I know. I don’t talk much about her story. But I wanted to put that out there, because this is pretty important to me.

This date actually has a scene in my current installation of her story, ‘Promises’ (previously called ‘The Promise’).

It isn’t up anywhere, as I will be actively posting chapters as of next year.

And, also, yes, I gave my characters birthdays. This is to help me keep up with their ages through the story.

It’s been a year within CL since Heather started any sort of training from Steve Rogers. And, so much has happened since. I’m excited to work on writing her next year, as it will be a year of growth, as the last year was one of discovery, and a bit of brokenness.

Well, that’s all I have time for now.

God Bless,

Created to Write

Tapping and Withholding the Flow of Inspiration

When talking about fictional writing, it is important to realize every writer has a different method. That’s because no two people are the same, and neither are two writers.

Some are planners, with a full outline, pictures of characters, and a detailed setting before they start writing.

Others prefer a little bit of inspiration and a fresh page to start, and to ‘fly by the seat of their pants’ in a way.

And most are somewhere in the middle. That is where I reside (though I lean more toward planning).

Everyone does things differently, and there are different ways to gain inspiration. But there are a couple road blocks, or writer’s blocks, that get in the way of any writer’s work.

As said before, everyone gains inspiration differently. Not just in what inspiration they gain, but the the frequency and timing of it as well.

What I want to look closer at is timing. We don’t constantly get inspiration from places (or at least don’t realize it), and we don’t get inspiration in the exact same times every day, or at the same times as everyone else. Most of the time, there are two problems that writers face with the times they do or don’t get inspiration.

For some people, the difficulty is producing ideas when it’s the correct time to write. They sit down at their desk and nothing comes to them, whether it is a work-in-progress or a fresh page.

There’s always that moment when you sit down to write and stare at the page for a half hour with nothing coming to mind. I’ve been there.

I think there are more methods for generating inspiration than having to save an idea for later. That’s because each time someone has this problem, the cause is slightly different.

There are a number of reasons why we get that writer’s block.

Sometimes the place we write at might be the problem. I suggest going to a different place sometimes. Having a writing place is good, but sometimes it’ll be stunting your creativity. Have a few places to go to. I have study rooms at my school, a café, and my apartment. But, I could also go to the park by the lake if it’s warm out. Try to be flexible. And, if you go to a new place, there’s plenty of inspiration around since you aren’t used to your environment.

There are plenty of places with ambient sound, or quiet.

Another thing that’ll be problematic is your materials for writing. Do you usually use a computer? Or a notebook and pencil? If you’re having trouble generating ideas, I suggest trying a different method.

This also goes with how you think. Meaning, how you go over ideas. If you think in your head, but that’s not working, then try writing your thoughts. I find a big whiteboard is more helpful than writing ideas on the computer or paper.

And then there are moments when you are in a new place, trying a new writing or thinking method, but there’s nothing. You’ve tried the above, but it’s not working.

Well then, I have a suggestion. Just for the day, you could work on a different writing project. Even if it’s a tiny story based off a writing prompt. Sometimes our brains get tired and stressed from the current long project. Working on a less stressful and more fun piece can help loosen the creative cords of your other project. Or, maybe you can take a break from writing for the day. It’s never a bad thing to step back and breathe when you need to.

For other people, they get ideas at the wrong times. This is when they need to be doing something else, but get a really good idea, don’t have time to write it out, and don’t want to forget it. Examples of this are during work, class, or when the writer is trying to sleep.

I’ve had to deal with getting ideas at the wrong times over and over and over again.

The times it’s happened the most for me is when I’m trying to fall asleep, but my mind is hyperactive. But, a close second is when I’m in class and need to pay attention.

When this happens, what are we supposed to do?

Stop and write everything in the idea down?

Repeat it mentally and hope it can be remembered later?

Discard it, even if it is a good idea?

I have tried each of these, and I don’t think they are effective.

When I ignore what I need to do in the moment to write the idea in length, I miss out on notes, or I’ll get carried away and not get enough sleep.

If I repeat it mentally, I don’t have the mental capacity or multitasking ability for much else out of fear of losing the idea. And, I forget it in the morning regardless.

I rarely want to discard ideas, especially if I could use it later. But I sometimes have to if I don’t have time for anything else. Sometimes they come back, but it isn’t reliable enough to use as a preferred method.

So… if these don’t work, what does?

What I have found helpful is if I summarize.

Don’t write every little detail, just what you need to jog your memory later.

Leave a notepad by your bed or in your bag. Or keep your phone with you at all times.

Then take a breath and let it go mentally. It is easier to focus or sleep when the idea is stored elsewhere.

Also, I’ve noticed that if I write it down, I’ll remember it without looking at where I wrote it down. Because not only to I remember the idea, but the fact I wrote it down in the first place.

I’m sure there are other ways to remember, but this is the method that helps me the most.

So, those are my thoughts on these two big problems. When Tapping for Inspiration, or Withholding ideas for later, everyone has different ways that help them.

Let me know in the comments if any of these help you! Or, if you have something you do that you’ve found successful for you. I’d love to hear your ideas!

~Created to Write

The Passing of a Titan

There has been a ‘band wagon’ of sorts filled with tributes to Stan Lee, who is one of the major creators of the Marvel Universe (comics and otherwise), and also one of the greatest creative legends of this day and age. And… for a while, I was thinking of avoiding it all.

But I feel it is only natural to contribute.

I believe that people are given their talents, skills, and purposes by God.

And I believe he gave Stan Lee the drive and skills to create this legacy we will know him by.

Stan Lee inspired me through his creations. I even have a long fanfiction within his world, and out of all my projects, it has become my favorite.

I’ve watched all of the MCU movies, and even though I know exactly what will happen (because I’ve seen them all enough times), I still want to watch them, and I still get the same reactions and emotions regardless.

I’ve always wanted to meet Stan Lee, but I’m sad to say I am one of those that did not get the privilege.

But it’s not to say I don’t relate to him, by even a little bit. I hear that he wasn’t sure if he should keep creating comics, but he did and it became all it has since. I sometimes wonder if anything will become of my novel (series). The creative arts is a difficult path to take.

Stan Lee proves that it is possible to not only succeed, but never lose that beginning zeal and spark along the way. That you can love your work, and in it, it’s play instead.

I will probably cry when there’s a Marvel movie without a Stan Lee cameo, but he’s lived a full life, changed the lives of multiple generations, and did something I can only dream of right now; create a world of his own characters that other people love to learn about and expand.

One thing I’ve loved about fanfiction is that it expands a world. Stan Lee created (or expanded on) Ironman, Spiderman, Captain America, the Fantastic Four, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and so many other heroes.

But he didn’t think up every character in that universe. There are countless stories waiting to be told. And, as a writer, I feel called to write a few of them. A fictional universe can always be expanded upon and given more detail.

Stan Lee’s contribution is over, but he’s given his fans and friends an amazing place to explore, finding our own characters to develop (like Heather Morse) and perhaps finding who we are through it as well.

I’ve seen many artworks dedicated to Stan Lee, but I’m not much of an artist. And I think if someone would tribute something, Stan Lee would appreciate if they used the talents they love and worked hard at.

Therefore, I used my writing.

Since my fanfiction Country Lass is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it was only fitting to give him a few cameos. And my character Finn Russell already had the middle name ‘Lee’ before the creator passed.

The main reason this is (a month) late is because I wanted someone to look the poem over. …I had a genre poem due for a class. I’m not much of a poet, but I took it as a sign to write Stan Lee an elegy.

Stan Lee-egy
By Abigail R. M.

Late night glow.
Say it isn’t true.
But the computer proves
What sister silently cried.
“Marvel’s father died.”
Age 95, death by pneumonia.

He’d built an army
that still salutes his creativity,
kindness, and dedication
in the fight of fiction
even after his passing.

Half a minute, give or take,
of every product he ever made
His legacy gives him a home.

We sit up in our seats
and whisper to anyone, “That’s
Stan Lee’s cameo,” to their annoyance.
Only now with tears, as one day
there will be no cameo.

It seemed that he would never pass,
that he was immortal, like his
But though the world must live on,
it is not as dreary in the day.
He’s left his spot for someone else
to fill. He’s given others
a chance to the next generations
to change the world.
He’s done all that he can.
And he impacted more than anyone
could know.

The hero of Marvel is gone.
But, his legacy lives on in the
actors that continue breathing into his characters,
the fans that watch the movies with earnest,
and everyone that has been touched by his
creativity, kindness, and love he had for his craft.